Monday, October 13, 2014

Home is not a place . Its a feeling.

Happy Monday to all !  Second weekend gone , and my house is still in the market. So for another week I cant really start the projects regarding recycling  furniture for my craftroom .
Anyways , I made this over the weekend, on an old book paper and fabric softener sheet.
The moodboard on scraparoundtheworld gave me the color combination and the Aztec pattern on the shorts gave me idea to do Zentangles for my scenery.
I made the trees , house , sun while siting in the library while exile from my home during the open house.
Concept of lessology challenge blod to alter or recycle something really impresses me. So i altered this fabric softener and made a simple scenery on it.
Then pasted the whole thing on a waste cardboard.  
Hope you will like this. Made totally from recycled material.

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