Monday, July 6, 2015

Steampunk biplane

hello and wish you all a very good week ahead.

I had this wooden construction kit for almost 9 years, travelling with me around the world. Got it for my daughters, but I suppose destiny wanted me to alter it. :)))

Decoart grey chalk paint
Decoart black mist
Decoart REd oxide medium
Decoart modelling paste
decoart decopage medium
decoart gesso
Tim holtz ruler stencil
Ranger liquid pearl
tacky glue
  1. I started with constructing the plane according to the instructions given.
  2. Once ready applied tacky glue at all the joins ,( it was very fragile)
  3. gave some texture to fan ,tail and wings by using stencil and modelling paste.
  4. On the wings, drew random straight lines and dots , so that they look like made of metal plates.
  5. covered the whole plane with gesso and once dried , applied  second layer of gesso, dabbing it with paint brush . ( this gives good texture )
  6. Then coloured the whole plane with grey chalk color.
  7. sprayed some black mist, mist some more water to spread it thinly and unevenly .dry it with heating tool
  8. apply some blue mist , again unevenly and dry it with heating tool.
  9. once satisfied, i applieda layer of decoupaging medium to give some shine.
  10. Once dried, i applied red oxide medium wih my finger, trying to highlight the texture .
  11. then applied very dry patina paint lightly to add more texture and color.
sandee-and-amelie.- tic tac toe- stencil, metal , three similar gears
Hope you will like it. thanks for stopping by

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