Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I am nuts about you

Hi All

Sharing a mixed media card , that I made for my hubby.


  1. Started with a coat of gesso on a piece of recycled cardboard .
  2. then stencilled it with Decoart gear stencil. 
  3. dried it with heating tool , so as to get more grungy texture.
  4. applied gesso on the gears and nuts and kept them aside for drying.
  5. In the mean time , applied Deco art carbon black mist, red oxide cream, tuquoise shimmer mist,thinning and spreading them with water spray.
  6. Once dried , hot glued the gears and nuts on the cardboard and then painted them with decoart metallic copper and metallic blue.
  7. sprinkled some heat embossing powder on he nuts and gears and heat embossed them for rusted texture. 
  8. Finally gave a thick coat of varnish for some shine and protection.

Hope you will like it. Thanks for visiting .

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