Friday, May 30, 2014


Hi there,
The colors in the Inkido blog May challenge are perfect for this picture of my elder daughter. She is a good swimmer and she took a selfie in the water with our underwater camera.
i have done lots of inking and stenciling to give effect of light shining in water.

Hope you will like it.

May Challenge

Thanks for ur time.


 Hey . Hope you all gearing up for the weekend. I am just wishing a sunny day.
I made this layout for inkido blog.

May Challenge

I came to know about this blog through other bloggers, and i am very excited to be able to enter in this challenge.
HAwaii is a paradise for beach lovers. We had such wonderful time there.

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jump up high to touch the sky

I made this layout based on SKetchabilities Sketch.
Pic of my daughters and their  cousin in San diego. Cant believe it was soo warm on a winter day. Kids had lovely time .

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Love the sparkle in you eyes,

Hey , hope you all had good weekend. 
I made this layout to enter in CSI and Once upon a Sketch challenges.
Took the color scheme from CSI and sketch from OUAS.
Have done lot stenciling and used watercolors.

My jounaling says-- I wish this sparkle in your never fades. The sparkle of satisfaction, the sparkle when you read, draw or do craft. the sparkle when you pet a dog or climb the trees. the sparkle of simplicity.

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Lets get schooled again

hello ,
I am on my second layout of the day. Making up for not creating on Sunday,

This layout is based on the MAy 3rd week sketch on Lets get sketchy.

Pic of my niece and her hubby. Hearing the news of her getting through University of Washington, he came running to meet from is office with flowers to meet his lovely wife. I was there to witness thid beautiful moment.

Hope you all will like it.Thanks for the comments.

Cherish these carefree moments

Good Afternoon ,
Weather  has taken a u-turn here. Its chilly and windy again. A perfect time to remaim in the house and scrap. Kids busy with their focus week, i have some time in my hand. 
I made his layout to enter in Stuck challenge.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Love you-- our treasure

Goood Morning. Hope you all are enjoying the sunshine as I am.
My today's layout is based on beautiful sketch on Creative embellishment May challenge.
The picture inspired me to use these bright colors for the layout. Hues of pink, blue and purple on the mountains and flowers inspired me for the choice of the colors.

Luckily Kreative concepts colour challenge #25 was ideal for my colour choice for the layout.
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Monday, May 12, 2014

Remnants of History

Good morning ,
And happy Monday. hope you all had a good weekend. i did 7 mile hike to Tiger Mountain summit, and truly telling every part of the body aches.
I have made this layout to enter in Lets get Sketchy challenge.
These are pics of my daughters in a famous gas works park in Seattle , WA.
Gas Works park contains remnants of the sole remaining coal gasification plant in the US.
I have also entered the layout in 123Get Scrappy challenge. I have used the blue back ground, cogs and gears and rectangles in my layout.

Hope you will like the layout and dont forget to leave your lovley comments.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

celebrating the "ACT" of our drama queens.

Hey Everybody,
Its almost 11 pm  . I just finished my layout and cant wait to post it. 

My daughters  participated in their school musical " the beauty and the beast". They thoroughly enjoyed dancing and singing as part of the ensemble.
Layout is based on the Stuckonusketches MAy challenge.

The color combination is inspired by the Scrap around the world May challenge
I have added bows, ribbons , golden and blue , yellow and red colours to show the celebration mood.

I have entered this layout in 123getsracppyblog MAy challenge.
I used lots of journaling  hidden in the program  book in the top left corner of the layout.
i have not used any flowers , but added balloons to show celebration.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

A wish to go back in time.

Hey Everybody,

I am in little nostalgic today. Something just triggered my memories about my father. And the outcome is this layout.

A Wish to go back in time.
I am very satisfied and happy with my life. But its just one moment in my life which I pray I can rewind it and go back in time . the time ,when my papa was in hospital taking his last breaths .
I always regret , why I was not there holding his hands, why I always thought he will be back home, like he always did.
Why I didn’t tell him how much I love him, how much I appreciate him for all the things he did for me.
Cant forget the little moments in life where he drove me on his scooter to various stationery and craft shops to help me get my last minute supplies. Without any complaints, in the scorching sun, took me to my friends place or went with me to local cycle repair shop .
I remember he always use to get sweets after my school results, smile and use to tell “ u did well” .
He use to attend all my school functions, poem recitals and dramas. ( I knew he didnt understand English well) . He was always there for me with his smiling face, in all my decisions, not with his words but with his gestures.
Later when I was learning to drive the car( it was rare in My small town for girls to drive) , he sat beside me patiently, when I drove on first gear for a month.
There is sooo much more to thank him for . soo many instances when I felt only my papa would have done it.
His heart and soul so pure, never demanded anything , no worldly desires, always contended and happy despite all his illnesses.
I wish I could be like him , wish to have that one moment in time when I can convey all this to him.
I miss you Papa

have also entered this layout for 123 challenge

And also entered in sketch challenge on the blog

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Icicle Eating fun

Very good and bright morning to all the lovely scrappers.
Today i made the layout based on Lets Get Sketchy May Week 1 challenge.
Its little odd to make snow and winter themed layout at this time of the year. But this is the most recent pics i have to scrap.  just a week back, we went to MT Rainier , where it was snowing. 
The kids had so much fun sledging down and actually breaking the fresh icicles from the trees and eating them. Believe me they tasted sooo good.

I got inspired for this layout by a fellow blogger who made an awesome and very elegant layout on this sketch.
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Monday, May 5, 2014

Home is where your story begins

Hello everybody.
Hope you all enjoyed scrapping on National Scrapbooking Day. We i had lots of fun .Made one of the fastest layout ( 30 mins)  and entered into 4 challenges.( it was my daughters bday celebration so had some time restriction and also had to do some volunteering at local fair) . 
I made this layout to enter into CSI #121 challenge and also Sketchabilities #114 challenge.

pic of my home, my family room and fire place.

In 16 yrs of marriage this is my 8th home, but is one of the most favourite one.First one being in Mumbai , India. My home is not spacious but snug, not decorated with expensive wall hangings or paintings but lil hand painted works by my daughters and felt work by me Little bird houses and bird feeders keep the home alive inspite of long dark winters. My little fireplace(its an electric one ,hahaha) is adorned with all the magnets that kids collected as souvenirs from places around US and Europe.
Oh my god, i can go on and on about my home. I have written all this and much more at the back of the layout.
In simple words- I LOVE MY HOME

Hope you will like this layout. I enjoyed making it. I t just filled me with lots of memories.
Thanks for visiting. Your comments are highly appreciated.