Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Outdoors fun

There is an interesting case on csicolorstoriesinspiration.  This is how i solved the case.

THis is how i have solved this interesting case-
The scheme-- Used all five colors with creme as the base, and splashes of orange, yellow and blue and some brown.
Evidence- I hae used threads, brads wooden beads, wet medium, and have doodled with black pen around the photos and beads.
Testimony-- I have journalled about a unique outdoor acitivity--ICEWORMS search.
In our recent visit to Alaska, during a ranger hike, we searched for these little fellas in the snow. They are found 4-5 inches below the snow and near the rocks . We used the spons to scoop them. well after 30 mins of search my daughters got them and hence the happiness on their faces. I couldnt spot them.:(. the ranger collected them in a box full of snow and took it to the station for studies.This was one of its kind experience .
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