Thursday, May 8, 2014

A wish to go back in time.

Hey Everybody,

I am in little nostalgic today. Something just triggered my memories about my father. And the outcome is this layout.

A Wish to go back in time.
I am very satisfied and happy with my life. But its just one moment in my life which I pray I can rewind it and go back in time . the time ,when my papa was in hospital taking his last breaths .
I always regret , why I was not there holding his hands, why I always thought he will be back home, like he always did.
Why I didn’t tell him how much I love him, how much I appreciate him for all the things he did for me.
Cant forget the little moments in life where he drove me on his scooter to various stationery and craft shops to help me get my last minute supplies. Without any complaints, in the scorching sun, took me to my friends place or went with me to local cycle repair shop .
I remember he always use to get sweets after my school results, smile and use to tell “ u did well” .
He use to attend all my school functions, poem recitals and dramas. ( I knew he didnt understand English well) . He was always there for me with his smiling face, in all my decisions, not with his words but with his gestures.
Later when I was learning to drive the car( it was rare in My small town for girls to drive) , he sat beside me patiently, when I drove on first gear for a month.
There is sooo much more to thank him for . soo many instances when I felt only my papa would have done it.
His heart and soul so pure, never demanded anything , no worldly desires, always contended and happy despite all his illnesses.
I wish I could be like him , wish to have that one moment in time when I can convey all this to him.
I miss you Papa

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Alz said...

Wow! What a truly beautiful tribute page to your beloved Papa. I love your mixed media background and that it allows your focal journaling to shine. I hope you'll join us at 123 again. :)

Annie Claxton said...

A really beautiful way to remember your Papa and I'm sure he knew how much you loved him. Thanks for playing with us at 123 this month :o)

Paula said...

OMG you've left me with a lump in my throat...such a beautiful tribute to your father! Thank you for playing along with us this month over @ 123 :)

Alicia Redshaw said...

A wonderful layout and thank you for sharing it with us. Fathers know what we feel, they are the best and I miss mine too. Thank you for blessing us with your creativity at 123 in May, and we hope you will share with us again in June.